About ATOM Laboratory

Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (ATOM) Laboratory at IIT Indore, founded and directed by Dr. Shailesh. I. Kundalwal, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. The ATOM Lab undertakes research primarily in the following areas: Experimental Characterization of Nanostructures and their Composites; Mechanics of Nanostructures; Nanomechanics and Micromechanics of Composites; Nanotechnology in Engineering; Finite Element Analysis of Composites; and Nano Energy and Hydrogen Storage. The lab's mission is to lead the advancement and application of multifunctional nano- and micro-structures addressing the challenges associated with their multifaceted aspects via numerous experimental, nanomechanical and micromechanical techniques. The lab offers an exciting opportunity to join a team of dedicated researchers that pride themselves in cutting edge research that is both challenging and stimulating. Being multi-disciplinary in nature, lab consists of researchers from various backgrounds - physics, materials science, computer, mechanical engineering. See Research tab to know more of our research and Opportunities tab if you are interested to join the lab.

Our principles




We strive for innovative solutions in the field of nano- and micro-structures, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are committed to achieving excellence in our research, ensuring the highest quality in our work through publications and patents.

We believe in the power of collaboration with national as well as international researchers, working together with experts from various disciplines to achieve breakthroughs.

Lab Updates

  • May 2024: Subhash successfully defended his PhD thesis.

  • April 2024: Saurabh and Dilip delivered their annual CERP seminar.

  • March 2024: Saurabh and Mahesh presented their work at the National Conference on Advanced and Emerging Materials for Technological Applications, SLIET, Longowal.

  • March 2024: Nitin Luhadiya delivered his PhD Open Seminar.

  • March 2024: Prakhar Dubey successfully defended his MS(R) Thesis.

  • March 2024: Saurabh's paper accepted in the Journal of Energy Storage.

  • March 2024: Saurabh presented his work at the Annual Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF) Symposium, IIT Indore.

  • Feb 2024: Nitin's paper accepted in Nanotechnology Journal.


  • Current opening for the project fellow (Click here).

Significant achievements of ATOM Lab in the past seven years

 SERB Early Career Research Award = 1 (by SIK)

 International Travel Grant Awards = 5 (SERB = 3, ASME = 1, and Humboldt meets Leibniz = 1)

 ASME Student Track Competition Award = 3

 National Doctoral Fellowships (full) = 5 (PMRF = 3, CSIR = 1 and DST = 1)

 Overseas Doctoral Fellowships (partial) = 3 (SERB = 2 and Shastri Indo-Canadian Inst. = 1)

 Theses Completed = 39 (9 PhD, 9 MTech, 2 MS(R), and 19 BTech)

 Best UG Researchers Awards = 2

 Nomination for Best UG and PG Thesis Award = 2

 Best Presentation/Poster Award = 4

 International Journal Publications = 56 (since 2017)

 Patents filed = 3

 External Research Grants = 10 as PI with total funding INR ~300 lacs

 International/National Conference Papers = 22/11

 Papers in International Conference Proceedings = 21

 Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Awards = 8 (by SIK)

 Elsevier Reviewer Recognitions = 35 (by SIK)

 Keynote/Invited Talk = 17 (by SIK)

 External PhD Theses Adjudicated = 8 (by SIK)

 Short Term Courses/Workshops/Seminars = 3 (FDP = 2 and Workshop = 1) (by SIK)

 Development of New Courses = 5 (by SIK)

 Inst of Phys (UK) Trusted Reviewer Recognition = 1 (by SIK)

Specific achievements by Students

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship by Saurabh Mishra | MoE, Govt. of India | 2022-26

M.P. Young Scientist Award by Saurabh Mishra | M.P.C.S.T., Govt. of Madhya Pradesh | 2023

SERB Overseas Doctoral Fellowship by Vivek Saxena | MoE, Govt. of India | 2023-24

Best Poster Award by Saurabh Mishra | International Conference on Nanotechnology: Opportunities & Challenges (ICNOC-2022) | 2023

Best Poster Award and Cash Prize by Prakhar Dubey | International Conference on Frontiers in Materials Engineering (ICFME-2022) | 2022

“Humboldt meets Leibniz” International Travel Grant by Vijay Kumar Choyal | Leibniz University Hannover, Germany | 2022

ASME Student Competition Award for ASME Power Conference by Vivek Saxena | ASME | 2022

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship by Vivek Saxena | MoE, Govt. of India | 2021-23

Best PG Thesis Award by Deepak Kag | IIT Indore | 2021

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship by Nitin Luhadiya | MoE, Govt. of India | 2021-23

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Research Fellowship by Vijay Choyal | SICI | 2020-21

ASME Student Competition Award for ASME Power Conference by Anuj Kumar | ASME | 2021

ASME Qualified Student Award Winner and Best Presentation in Asia Region by Rohit Kothari | ASME | 2020

ASME International Travel Grant by Rohit Kothari to visit Salt Lake City, UT, USA | ASME | 2020

Best BTP Award by Anirudha Bante | IIT Indore | 2019

SERB International Travel Grant by Vijay Choyal to visit Stockholm, Sweden | SERB | 2019

Promotion of Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students Grants by Sidharth Jain, Agam Shah and Nukul Goyal | IIT Indore | 2019-20

SERB Overseas Doctoral Fellowship by Rohit Kothari | SERB-OVDF | 2019-20

SERB International Travel Grant by Vijay Choyal to visit Portland, Oregon, USA | SERB | 2019

Best UG Researchers Award by CA Simha and K Sai | IIT Indore | 2018-19

SERB International Travel Grant by Rohit Kothari to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia | SERB | 2018

CSIR SRF by Kishor Shingare | CSIR | 2018-20

DST Inspire Fellowship by Rohit Kothari | SERB | 2017-21