Post Doctoral Researcher

  • Dr. Pritesh Bansod, Design and development of additively manufactured SS316L stainless steel open pore foam for the acoustical applications (SERB Sponsored Project), SERB NPDF, Feb 2022- Feb 2024, Mentor.

PhD Students: 9

  • Subhash Nevhal, Nano- and micro-mechanical analysis of flexoelectricity in graphene-based heterostructures, thesis submitted, 2024, sole supervised.

  • Nitin Luhadiya, Unraveling the potential of graphene for hydrogen storage: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations (PMRF Sponsored Project), thesis submitted, 2024, supervised.

  • Madhur Gupta, Active vibration control of smart multiscale composite beams, plates and shells, 2022, supervised.

  • Anuj Kumar, Development of light weight heat sink integrated with phase change material (PCM) for cooling applications, (DST Sponsored Project), 2022, co-supervised.

  • VK Choyal, Characterizing the flexoelectric phenomenon in boron nitride nanosheets (SERB Sponsored Project), 2021, sole supervised. 

  • Rohit Kothari, Phase change materials for thermal management and thermal energy storage applications (DST and SERB Sponsored Fellowships), 2021, co-supervised.  

  • Vijay Choyal, Atomistic modelling of electromechanical response of pristine and defective boron nitride nanotubes (Partially funded by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute), 2021, sole supervised. 

  • Ankit Rathi, Experimental and numerical investigations of multifunctional properties of MWCNT-based hybrid nanocomposites, 2021, sole supervised. 

  • Kishor Shingare, Modelling of flexoelectric graphene-based structures: beam, plate, wire and shell (CSIR Sponsored Fellowship), 2021, sole supervised. 

MS(R) Students: 2

  • Prakhar Dubey, Finite element modeling of hybrid nanocomposite structures for high performance electromagnetic interference shielding, 2024, sole supervised. 

  • Deepak Kag, Strain and defect engineering of graphene for hydrogen storage: atomistic modelling, 2021, sole supervised. 

M.Tech. Students: 9

  • Ankit Kumar, Polycrystalline carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage, 2020, sole supervised. 

  • Shahrukh Khan, Micromechanical modelling of piezoelectric nanocomposite shell, 2020, sole supervised.

  • Prakash Khatri, Atomistic modelling of electromechanical response of boron nitride nanotubes under buckling, 2020, sole supervised.

  • Pavan Shahpurkar, Mechanical, electrical and EMI shielding response of MWCNT/epoxy nanocomposite, 2020, sole supervised.

  • Eklavya Tripati, Atomistic modelling of hydrogen storage on monolayer polycrystalline graphene, 2020, sole supervised.

  • Shashank Pal (LPU), Effect of Stone-Wales defects on the thermal properties of boron nitride nanotubes, 2019, co-supervised. 

  • Vikash Mayank (NIT Warangal), Flexoelectric phenomenon in boron nitride nanotubes, 2019, co-supervised.

  • Ekansh Jain (DAVV Indore), On the elastic properties of multi-walled boron nitride nanotubes, 2019, co-supervised.

  • VK Choyal (DAVV Indore), Effect of vacancy defects on the elastic properties of boron nitride nanotubes using MD simulations, 2018, co-supervised.

  • R. Harsh, Aerofoil Structural Enhancement through Embedded CNTs, 2023, sole supervised. 

  • Dhruv Gupta, Investigation of Hydrogen Storage on Functionalized Graphene Sheets/ Carbon Nanotubes, 2022, sole supervised.

  • Hemant Disodia, Finite element modeling of wave guides for electromagnetic interference shielding, 2021, sole supervised.

  • Arjun Singhal and Mayank Maroliya, Development of a model for energy storage and recovery in cold start engines, 2021, sole supervised.

  • Sidharth Jain, Fabrication of hybrid epoxy nanocomposite via an innovative dispersion technique and characterization of mechanical properties, 2019, sole supervised.

  • Anirudh Bante, Design and development of piezoelectric energy harvester beam made up of PZT, 2019, sole supervised.

  • Agam Shah and Nukul Goyal, Development of piezoelectric energy harvester beam made of polyvinylidene fluoride films, 2019, sole supervised.

  • Jugal Brahmbhat and R Kumar, Effect of stone-Wales defects on the mechanical properties of single walled boron nitride nanotubes, 2018, sole supervised.

  • CA Simha and K Sai, Thermal properties of polycrystalline carbon nanotubes: a computational study, 2018, sole supervised.

  • A Gautam, A Dhanawat & A Baghmar, Design and development of self-balancing single wheeled vehicle, 2017, sole supervised.

  • A Ranjan, A Agrawal and H Bhagat, Design and development of an ornithopter for surveillance, 2017, sole supervised.

B.Tech. Students: 19